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Have You Received an IRS Letter?

Have you received a letter from the IRS and you are not sure how to respond to it?

Do you have a tax balance and not sure what your options are?

Do you have unfiled tax returns and need help with figuring out how to get caught up?

Whether it’s a few hundred dollars or thousands of dollars owed to the IRS, any letter from the IRS can be intimidating and even worrisome. We specialize in helping you resolve your tax matters, getting caught up on your tax balances and unfiled tax returns, stopping the IRS letters.

How We Can Help

We can represent you in your tax matter and communicate with the IRS on your behalf to get your issue resolved. Throughout the process, we will be available to address and concerns you may have by phone, text, email, and in - person. We work with you and the IRS to make a seamless tax resolution process for you.

If you owe the IRS, an offer in compromise may be the best resolution for your situation.

What is an offer in compromise?

An offer in compromise is an arrangement that tells the IRS that you want to resolve your tax matter but because of your current financial situation, you cannot afford to pr you balance in full. The offer in compromise will tell the IRS your current financial picture and let them know what you can afford to pay based on your actual income and expenses that are necessary for you to provide for yourself and your dependents.

We collect various financial information, as well as your living expenses and present a reasonable offer to the IRS. On your behalf. Because we are completely thorough in preparing your offer and reviewing it before submitting , we have a high success rate at getting offers accepted at an amount that you can afford.

Not everyone will financially qualify for the offer in compromise. If we determine that you do not qualify, we will work to determine other options available to you to resolve your tax matter.

How to contact us

Here’s how to contact us to book your appointment:

Call us 901-425-5521

Email us at

Book Online at or any of our social media platforms

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