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Our Services

We have an outstanding track record in dealing with a wide variety of tax and accounting demands. Dukes Accounting & Tax Services has worked with individuals and businesses and is equipped for any challenge that may come our way. Whatever financial management advice you may need, please contact us to see how we can help you out.

Individual Tax Preparaton

Partnership Tax Preparation

LLC Tax Preparation

S - Corp Tax Preparation

C - Corp Tax Preparation

Amended Tax Returns

Past Tax Filings

Tax Notices

Tax Resolution Services

State Tax Returns

Payroll Tax Filings

Monthly Bookkeeping 

Income and Expense Tracking

Bank Reconciliation

Credit Card Reconciliations

Monthly Business Reports

Payroll Add - On

Bookkeeping Clean - Up

QuickBooks Set Up

Bookkeeping Packages

Basic Bookkeeping Package

Standard Bookkeeping Package

Premium Bookkeeping Package

Financial Planning & Budgeting

Alleviating Stress

Personal Budgeting

Personal Financial Planning

Income and Expense Tracking

Debt Management

Personal Financial Analysis

Financial Goal Setting

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